Pressing into Advent.

I am helping my family journey into the Advent season. We put up an Advent calendar, a homemade version, with various treats and gifts inside each bag. Each day my son is rearing to open each bag, to discover what is waiting for him. Having a two year old son, and a two month old daughter really helps bring back the awe and mystery in life. They draw me out of myself, and help reorient my attention back towards them.

As the season moves along, I’ve been enjoying going through T.F. Torrance’s IncarnationI’m fairly new to Torrance’s theology, so after getting through Incarnation, I plan on going through his book Atonement for Easter. Working through my reading for the day, I was struck by this particular statement from Torrance (at length):

“The Incarnation of the Son of God has a prehistory, a background or hinter ground of preparation and significance which we must not overlook. If in the divine purpose, the incarnation came at a particular point in time, in the history of Israel, it was clearly of design: it is at that point in the context of the history of Israel that Jesus is to be understood. If we are to be faithful to the witness of scripture we cannot but start in the same way. That does not mean that we are simply to interpret Jesus in terms of his background in Israel. The background for Christ the Son of God can only be the background which the fact of the incarnation creates for itself out of our world…We must say that when the Son of God breaks into historical development, he throws it all into critical reorientation.” (Torrance, pg. 38, 2008)

May the Word made flesh critically reorient our thinking and affections towards Himself and to our neighbors this Advent season, and everyday that follows.


Torrance, T., & Walker, R. (2008). Incarnation: The person and life of Christ ([Rev. ed.). Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic.

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