The Word Became Flesh

“To pronounce the name of Jesus Christ means to acknowledge that we are cared for, that we are not lost. Jesus Christ is man’s salvation in all circumstances and in face of all that darkens his life, including the evil that proceeds from himself. There is nothing which is not already made good in this […]

Barth, Wright and Election

Originally posted on Theologians, Inc.:
Karl Barth and N.T. Wright do not typically make good bedfellows. There are a number of significant and (possibly) insurmountable differences between the two in terms of both methodology and theology. There are, however, at least a few interesting and perhaps not insignificant areas of concord between the two, and…

Out of the Abundance of the Heart

“What is the meaning of this recollection of past revelation? Recollection of God’s enacted revelation might mean the actualization of a revelation of God originally immanent in the existence of every man, i.e., of man’s own original awareness of God. In this case recollection of God’s enacted revelation would be identical with the discovery and […]