Authority and Ethics in the New Covenant

The Strange Triumph of the Lamb

O'Donovan“Christian ethics, then, is distinguished from obedience to the law of the Old Covenant not only by its subjective moral power but by its content, because the believer shares in the authority realized in history by Christ himself…The coming of Christ is the coming of adult sonship for mankind, which puts him in a different relation to the natural order, no longer subservient but humbly and proudly in command (Gal. 3:23-4:7). Not that the created order has changed, or was ever anything other than what God made it, but that in Christ man was able for the first time to assume his proper place within it, the place of dominion which God assigned to Adam. Thus Christian freedom, given by the Holy Spirit, allows man to make moral responses creatively. He has the authority to designate [name!] the character of the reality which he encounters, not merely to adhere to…

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